About Me

Roni visiting the home of a krama wheel weaver Hi friends! I’m Roni.

Not Ronnie. Roni as in peppeRoni, or TenderRoni for my comrades of the Bobby Brown generation.

Cool? Glad we cleared that up.

Welcome to my blog, a place where I dip in and reflect on stories from my travels, and share tips and lessons learned along my less-than-conventional life path.

I was born in Israel, a land where the travel bug runs rampant and bites early. Now my roots are loosely planted in Austin (don’t call me a Texan, y’all) but the nomad in me is happiest being out in the world, engaged, challenged and mildly uncomfortable.

To date I’ve visited 38 countries across 5 continents. Airports don’t count in my book.  I’ve navigated  two multi-country backpacking trips in South America and Southeast Asia, and pursued study, work, and volunteer experiences in Italy, Israel, South Africa, and Cambodia in various combinations in each.

Travel is my top priority in life. 

Why? Because it opens up so many possibilities that are simply unfathomable when you stick to your routine and comfort zone. Life is just too finite to not explore its infinite opportunities.  No matter the circumstance–from unemployment to working two full-time jobs–I find ways to fit travel in. There is always a way. 

The stories you will find here stem mostly from my thirst for post-trip reflection. I have always found great joy and discipline in writing during my travels, but in the months and years after a trip I gain so much insight with hindsight that I neglect to reflect on (reflection neglection?) because daily life just gets in the damn way.

I never imagined that I would end up with a degree in Italian, help an orphanage in South Africa, or start a business in a country I knew next to nothing about. But that, my friends, is the magic of travel: a beautiful, mysterious, bottomless well of serendipity and opportunity. My hope for this blog is that you yourself will feel inspired to take a break from the everyday, venture out into the world and let the universe work its magic on you.

What’s up with Possibility of Visit?

“Possibility of Visit” was on a simple signpost I saw while exploring Angkor Wat that really stuck with me after my first visit to Cambodia.  It was a poor translation in terms of pointing you in the right direction through the temples, but the literal translation could not have been more poignant…so poignant that I decided to permanently etch it on my arm. Read more in my first post.

Other random facts you should know:

  • I have a pretty serious thing for Swedish indie-pop music. Here’s a playlist of some of my favorites. Recommendations are always welcome!
  • I love languages and speak Hebrew fluently, Italian decently, Spanish spontaneously, and high-school French spottily (all much better after a couple of glasses of wine).
  • The first thing I do when I get on a plane is check that the airline magazine crossword is empty. If it’s marked up at all, I will check your seatback and shamelessly swap for your clean version before you board. I’m sorry.
  • I am a serial word-coiner (see: reflection neglection).
  • I love me some Instagram. Follow me to get the answer to that burning question: @whereisroni ?

Leave your thoughts below!

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